Amazon joins quantum computer with new

Boston-based quantum computer QuEra joins Amazon's cloud for public access | Reuters

Mar 2 by Taubei

Amazon is also developing its own quantum computer, said Moulds. Integrating large language models into search engines could mean a fivefold increase in computing power and huge carbon emissions. But Amazon placing quantum computers alongside its more established cloud services, and offering a consulting group, could also raise expectations that the technology will mature more quickly than it ultimately does. There are many ways to physically realize a quantum computer: quantum information can, for example, be encoded in particles found in nature, such as photons or atoms, but at the AWS Center for Quantum Computing we are focusing on superconducting qubits — electrical circuit elements constructed from superconducting materials. There are two ways that we are approaching making better qubits at the AWS Center for Quantum Computing: the first is by improving error rates at the physical level, for example by investing in material improvements that reduce noise. This in turn severely limits their computational power. Read more. You will receive an email with the information to join.