Might become largest quantum consumer

Breakthrough could be key to large scale quantum computers

Apr 22 by Dout

Credit: Tony Melov. Similarly, the optimal combination of collaboration and competition is not yet clear when it comes to applying the technology in commercial settings. Michael Brooks is a freelance science journalist based in the UK. Our research suggests greater emphasis is necessary to upskill undergraduates with relevant quantum technology experience. While these computing problems are being solved, the telecoms industry is exploring potential applications of the new technology. Tech incumbents also continued to ramp up partnerships in this area to bring end-to-end solutions to the marketplace. Kroger workers who quit are getting texts and emails from the company asking them to come back. Cosmos » Technology » Accidental breakthrough by Australian scientists could be key to large scale quantum computers being cheaper and more usable Share Tweet. LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Email. A burgeoning quantum-computing ecosystem and emerging business use cases promise to create significant value for industries—if executives prepare now.