Where to buy quantum computer

You can buy a portable quantum computer for under $9K | PC Gamer

Aug 4 by Mishakar

They are also based in Switzerland and Germany. IBM introduced a quantum computer chip on November 15, , capable of quantum bits qubits. They then tunnel through a Josephson Junction , a thin layer of non-superconductive material. The world's first portable quantum computer "Gemini Mini" And this may also attribute to the fact that SpinQ became one of the highest growing common words in CER in Quantum Computing is the founding technology of a new generation of technological revolution and industrial transformation. While quantum computers are still new, their uses are being expanded and are used in new and different ways. Because the qubits in quantum computers are nonbinary and entangled, quantum computers can very quickly create and analyze multiple simulations. Economy strength may also play a part in whether or not a terminal or Technology Merchant has Quantum Computers for purchase. The bad news is nobody knows if it actually is one. SpinQ has extensive business coverage from practical superconducting quantumcomputer, desktop NMR quantum computer, general quantum computing cloud platform to software for the areas of scientific research, education, drug research and development, financial technology, artificial intelligence, and many other frontier technologies.